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Still a work in progress, but here are some highlights for you.  If you have questions not on here, ask me on facebook, instagram or email me at savingwithsanity@gmail.com.

What is subscribe & save?
It is a program that Amazon does where you get 20% off your household items if you choose to get 5 things delivered in 1 month.  Instead of adding things to your cart, you hit "Subscribe Now" and choose your monthly frequency that you want them delivered.

I don't need something every month though.
No problem, you just need 5 things on the month that you're getting something delivered.  So, if you want to get toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, a snack, and ziplocs this month, great.  Then skip a month or two, or however many you'd like, and then get the same things delivered 6 months down the road.  Or trade off, or just get on a great rotation of different things coming every month if that works for you.

I only see a 5% discount, I thought you said it was 20%?
Your discount shows 5% until you get 5 things coming in a given month.  Then they will all automatically update with the 20% showing.

What if I want to change something on my delivery this month?
No problem.  If you login on your computer, click on Your Account > Your Subscribe & Save Items you will see a screen that has all of your items in a screen that looks like this.  Click on "Change Schedule" on the right, next to the item you want to be adjusted.

You will then see a pop-up like this.  You can adjust it to be less frequent, or, my favorite is to select the box that currently says "Unchanged" and just push it out.  I use it all the time.  Things that I have coming every 6 months, I often want in like 9 months, so I just go set it up on here.  Or, you may just have enough that you need it in another month.  No problem, just adjust it to be the next month out.

Can I change things on my phone or do I have to use a computer?
You can use the Amazon app to change things.  Click on More in the bottom right corner, then select Your Subscribe and Save.  It will give you all your items and you can adjust the schedule from there.

I can't remember what is coming and I don't want to sign up for something and get surprised when it shows up at my door.
They will send you an email about 10 days before your shipment is scheduled to arrive.  You have a day or two to change anything.  There are links in the email to cancel items or skip deliveries.  Just make sure when you're done, you have 5 things.  If you have some that you really need but not quite 5, check this post for some small, inexpensive add-ons that are easy.

Is there a cart for Subscribe & Save items that I can put my things in before?
No, unfortunately there isn't.  You just hit Subscribe Now to sign up for them, and your first delivery will be on the way.  It's best to do your initial setup from your computer but you don't have to.

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