50% off Melissa & Doug Wooden Toys

Remember that one time I mentioned that there would be 50% off Melissa & Doug Toys sale that comes the first week of December?  It's here!  And selection goes quickly so if you're thinking of something,  grab it quickly.  Deals are only valid today.  Here's our fav, tried and tested on 3 kids picks.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Classic Peg Puzzle Bundle - classic letters and numbers puzzles - a 3 pack is $10 making them $3.33 each.  Great thing to have on hand for throughout the year.  My 12-18 month old kids start doing the fishy one since it's a matching colors puzzle.  The letter puzzle is a top 3 favorite toy for my 2 year old, and my older girls also do this puzzle regularly.  Every house should have a set when they're this inexpensive for a wooden peg puzzle!  Also, they're individually wrapped so they're great to use for gifts.

The Wooden Sandwich-Making Set & Slice and Bake Cookie Set are each $10 (50% off, lowest price they ever sell for) and are perfect for a play kitchen.  These are the only 2 food sets that they have this year, normally they have the cutting food, cakes, etc. so I'm sure these will sell out fast.  If you're thinking of these, don't hesitate.  Everyone loves the wooden play food at our house and it's held up much longer than any of our plastic food.  Plus, there are more ways to *play* with it which is always fun.

  Melissa & Doug See & Spell - another $10 option that was great for my girls to advance to once they knew their letters.  I love it because it's all self contained in one box and when they start sounding out the individual letters as they put them in that's never a bad thing either.

  Fishing And Bug Catching Magnetic Game Bundle (Pack of 2) - this is a magnetic puzzle - they use the stick with the magnetic end to pull out the puzzle pieces and "catch" the piece.  This two pack makes it $5 a puzzle!  I've bought these before and they're $13 at our local toy store. All of my kids still love these and they're perfect to take one over to a friend who has just had a new baby for the new older brother or sister.  Cause let's be honest, that's a rough transition time for any small child and they just can use a little attention of their own.

Doll Accessories Bundle - this is $15 but if you have a little girl into the baby doll phase it's a great accessory.  My girls always loved the disappearing bottles.  This set isn't a must have but it's decent.

The only thing that you should never buy, is the Band in a Box.  Unless you never want to be sane again.  Children love it and will play with it all the time.  But I sure loved it when I donated this set after I realized that it was actually making me crazy.

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