Amazon Mom Appreciation Event

Amazon Mom launched their Mom Appreciation Event this morning - use the code TOYS2014 at checkout.  Sale ends October 13th.  Typically they have done it on baby items but they changed it up with 30% off Toys and Games - several that my kids love but that don't usually go on sale.  Check all of them out here.  Don't know what Amazon Mom is?  It's an added feature to your Prime account - it doesn't cost anything extra - but it does get you an extra discount on diapers and events like these.  Sign up here if you're not already a member, it takes 15 seconds.

Kid O A to Z Magnatab ($16.63) Kid O Free Play Magnatab ($13.84) are two favorites around our house.  I bought them for a plane ride that I was making with my 3 kids by myself.  They're easy, it helps with good coordination, and the kids love the magnet aspect of them.

B. Alphaberry ($11.01) - Target carries this line and while the price on sale isn't a screaming price, you can't ever find this one in stock!  We've had this for about 3 years, again, I bought it for an airplane ride.  Kids from 4 months - 8 love it.  I have no idea why, it's a knockoff blackberry.  But, I only carry one toy in my diaper bag to entertain kids when I need it and this is it.

Hape Checkout Register - Play Set ($19.51) - this is not one we've specifically tried here but my kids love cash registers and I'm a sucker for cute wooden toys.  Santa may bring it for someone this year.

Wondering why I haven't listed any Melissa & Doug Puzzles yet?  It's because they're not a great price.  Historically, Amazon puts these on sale the first week of December as one of the Gold Box Deals of the Day.  Nearly all of them are $10 or less - so this magnetic 2 pack (a fav at our house) is just under $12.  Not a huge difference, but just know, you're not getting the best price on Melissa & Doug items.  Last year the sale happened on December 4th.  It's a great time to stock up for birthday parties or items to add to baby gifts in the future.

Remember the code is TOYS2014, you can get $100 worth of savings in one transaction.

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