Amazon just released a new batch of coupons - find all of the current Amazon coupons or check out the picks I have below.  Some of these are Amazon Mom exclusive - which will also get you an extra 5% off your subscribe & save items.  There's no cost if you already have your own Prime account so the 30 seconds it takes is more than worth it.  Sign up easily here.  Also if you have some of these on subscribe & save already, just cancel your original one and re-sign up to get the coupon to apply.

Lysol Clean and Fresh All Purpose Cleaner, Lemon Sunflower, 40 Ounce (Pack of 3) - 30% off plus your 20% subscribe and save discount makes 3 of these $5.99.

Good Sense Children's Ibuprofen Oral Suspension, Grape, 4 Fluid Ounce - 20% off coupon plus the normal discount makes this $2.36.  I promise if you wait until your sweet kids are sick it will run you at least $5 on sale at your local drugstore.

  Finish coupon gives you $2.15 off whichever item you choose.  For the Finish Powerball Tabs it brings the 90 count down to $8.95.  At Costco the 110 count normally sells for $14.49 but they will put it on coupon for $11.19 - making them just over 10 cents per load without factoring in sales tax.  Amazon is just under 10 cents a load and it shows up at your door.

Procizion Vegetable Spiral Slicer - maybe it's just me but I have been wanting to order this to make noodles with my zucchini.  $1.50 isn't a huge savings but maybe you've been wanting to try this too.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, (Pack of 3) - with this $3 off coupon works out to be 40 cents/ounce - 3 bottles will be $19.25.  Costco it is 43 cents/ounce before sales tax.

$2 off Pull-Ups - please tell me there is a time when I won't be buying these forever?  Who is with me!?

Remember, with all of these coupons there a limited number.  If you clip the coupon, you don't guarantee you have it until you checkout.  But, once you checkout it's yours.  So even if you checkout with the coupon and have that item coming in a few months from now, you'll still get the discount.  But if you just clip the coupon and don't ever checkout, there's no guarantee you'll keep it.   It just depends on how many other peeps want the same thing.

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