Extra 50% off diapers for new Amazon Mom subscribers

Ok friends, now's the time.  If you haven't signed up for Amazon Mom before, they are doing a promotion that gives you 50% off boxes of diapers, that can be combined with your 20% off subscribe and save prices as well.  You can get your free 90-day trial here if you have no Prime/Amazon account at all and you get all the same benefits as included in Prime.  If you already have a Prime account, it is free to sign up for Amazon Mom and worth it because they often do exclusive coupons, including this one.  It takes less than a minute.  Oh, and remember the part about where you can SHARE your membership with up to 4 people (and they will each have their own logins so you don't all see what the others buy) to help with the cost if you choose.

Ok, questions I anticipate:

  • I already have Amazon Mom, can I still get this? - sorry, this deal doesn't count then.  Bummer.
  • I have Amazon Prime already, is that the same as Amazon Mom?  -No, they are separate programs but you don't pay any membership fees if you already have Prime.  It's worth it to just sign up for Mom.
  • I had Amazon Mom a long time ago, does that matter?  -This promotion is for new members only.  You would need a different email address to sign up again.
  • How long does this last? - You have to sign up for Amazon Mom by April 10th.  Then you have  until June 8th to order your diapers with the extra 50% off.
  • What diapers qualify?  - Here is a list of their Qualifying Diapers
  • Is this cheaper? - Uh, yes.  Cheaper than Costco on coupon, Target store brand, yes.  Here's my previous post all about diapers.  And remember, they're delivered to your door so they aren't taking up half the room in your cart.

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