Extra 10% off Nutiva Products

For those that are new to what the subscribe and save program is, I would recommend checking out details here.  Amazon will also throw in coupons all the time, they are easy to just click on and they are combined WITH your subscribe and save discount.  Just be sure to act fast, they will never tell you when the coupon will be over.  Even if you add it to your cart and it doesn't ship for a month, that's ok. You just have to have completed the subscribe and save checkout process to get the coupon.

Now, they have a great 10% off coupon on Nutiva products in addition to their regular subscribe and save discounts.  I've price checked these on Nutiva's site and Vitacost's site and here are my top picks in terms of best pricing.  Costco only sells a couple of Nutiva items.
Remember, you can use the 10% only once, but still, the regular subscribe and save prices are still great.  Take the 10% as a bonus!

Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds, 12-Ounce Bag (they also have a 32 ounce bag)
The 12 ounce bag is only $6.39 on subscribe and save, if you use your 10% off coupon it will drop it down to $5.59.  Costco sells the 32 ounce bag and assuming you paid sales tax of 6.85% it would be $14.86.  Amazon for the 32 ounce on subscribe and save with the coupon is $14.92.

Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54-Ounce Containers (Pack of 2)
These are massive containers, or there are smaller versions as well.  Pricing on 2 is $44.38 with subscribe and save, or $38.83 if you use the 10% off coupon.  Under $20 for this huge size and delivered to your door.  Costco sells a 78 ounce version of this and if you factor in tax, it makes it 32 cents/ounce.  This is 35 cents/ounce.  But, I appreciate a smaller container for the pantry instead of a mammoth 78 ounces.

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein 15g, 3-Pound Bag - this ends up being $23.99 on your regular subscribe and save and drops to $20.99 if you use the coupon.  I'm trying this one for the first time, crossing my fingers that my kids and I like it!  Feel free to share any recipes.

*These prices are calculated getting the 20% subscribe and save discount that anyone is eligible for if they have 5 subscribe and save things coming from Amazon in any month.  See my Getting Started tab for more details.

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