Angel Soft

Seen an ad like this before?  That's considered a great price for toilet paper in the store and a chance to stock up.  Since we already know that toilet paper is cheaper than at Costco, I figured I would do a price breakdown on a great sale at the grocery store.

At our local Smith's, this ad is for 16 rolls at $5.99 was on last week.  I went and scoped out how many sheets were in each roll for you, in this sale there were 264.  Keep in mind that on a lot of grocery store sales they decrease the number of sheets on paper towels and toilet paper so you always want to double check.  Just because they call it a "double roll" doesn't mean anything.  I've seen them vary from 150 sheets clear up to 300+ - and all of those were called "double rolls" - and I digress.  So, here's the math.
Smiths sale: $5.99/4224 sheets = .00141/sheet (I didn't factor in tax, but that is something that will make it even more.)

At Amazon you can get this same TP - Angel Soft, Double Rolls, [4 Rolls*12 Pack] = 48 Total Count - in a pack of 48 rolls for $17.59.  Delivered to your door, without having to watch the ads, without paying sales tax in most places, without loading up the kids in the car, for .00138/sheet.  Not a major savings, but we're comparing it to a great grocery store sale price vs not having to think about it and having it delivered, I'll take it.

*These prices are calculated getting the 20% subscribe and save discount that anyone is eligible for if they have 5 subscribe and save things coming from Amazon in any month.  See my Getting Started tab for more details.

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