Kid Soap

Over here at my house, I'm sure we've had something that none of you have ever dealt with.  My daughter was washing her hands after she went to the bathroom - which is no less than 20 times a day - and I realized she was pumping the soap a number of times.  She didn't think one pump was enough, because it didn't fill her whole hand up.  So, I got on amazon to find a foaming soap that I could get her excited over and hopefully reduce the soap usage.  Enter Method Minnie Mouse Foaming Hand Wash 8.5oz, Strawberry Fizz (Pack of 2).

It is the perfectly kid size pump of foam soap so they think that they've got "a lot" without using insane amounts of regular soap.  And since it is only $3.99 on subscribe & save for 2 of them, I'm happy to provide Minnie Mouse for them, cheap soap for me.  We've been using the same bottle for 3 months.  It really does last an insane amount of time.  Win win.

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