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I'll admit, I love pregnancy, newborns, babies, baby gear, birth, and more newborns. I've been told I'm crazy more than once, but that's ok. The first thing that I got started on with Amazon, back in 2010, was getting my diapers and wipes on subscribe & save deals. Since then, well, it has just snowballed. Here are my subscribe & save recommendations for those of you that are lucky enough to be expecting a baby in the near future.
*MAKE SURE you are clicking on the "Subscribe Now" button and choosing your frequency.  If you just add these to your cart, you won't get the discount.  :(  Don't be stressed if it only shows a discount of 5%.  It will make the jump when you hit 5 things for the month automatically.

1: Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers for Newborn, Big Pack, 76 Count
At Wal-Mart, these are $19.77 + tax and with subscribe & save you only pay $15.18.  Even with coupons you won't get close to the same price.  Also, it doesn't matter if you get these delivered once and then end up cancelling.  You can always adjust the timing of your deliveries.  In terms of how many, it depends on the size of your babies but I used 2-3 boxes of these.  My kids were 5-6 lbs. at birth.
Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers Economy Plus, Size 1, 234 Count If you want to get these on schedule too, they end up being .15/diaper delivered.  If you get them at Costco on the regular price they are .20/diaper and even if you use the $5 coupon they are still .17/diaper.  Save your pregnant belly the trip to Costco.  1-2 boxes of these is probably good.  If you're worried about too many, don't stress.  You can return them for up to 1 year for free.
Pampers gave my kids serious rashes, but if you are partial to those, no worries.  One of these should be plenty.  Pampers Swaddlers Newborn 240 Diapers (12 packs of 20)

2: Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free Baby Wipes Refill, 600 Count, I included the pricing comparison between Costco in my last post.  I go through 1 of these a month.

3: I've never been a fan of the small thin containers of wipes on the go.  I had to refill them every. single. time. and as a new mom, I needed a little more simple.  I switched to these larger packs and have never looked back.  At your local store these are $2.29 + tax a piece, delivered to your door will run you only $1.57.  One box should last about 6 months.  Noticed a trend?  We use a lot of wipes here.
Huggies One and Done Fragrance Free Baby Wipes, 448 Total Wipes 56 Count (Pack of 8)

4: No need to make any extra runs to the store.  One of these should probably be enough to get you through the first month or two.
Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)

5: I always teased my older sisters about a "pregnancy cult" that didn't mention most things about pregnancy.  Including the fact that you would need some of these for after the birth. Always Infinity Unscented Pads with Wings, Overnight, 28 Count (Pack of 2) With the coupon it makes these $5 each box, at my Target they will set you back $7.

6: BabyGanics Tub Time Extra Gentle Bubble Bath and Body Wash, Fragrance Free, 20 fl. oz. (Pack of 2)
There are plenty of different baby washes that you can get, this brand is one that I like.  Or good old Johnson & Johnson.

7: Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 25-Count Boxes (Pack of 3)
If you're a nursing mama you may need some of these.  It's hard to find these for $10 for a pack of 50, these delivered to your door are $10.94 for a 75 pack without tax (in most states).

8: With my first baby I pumped exclusively and between bottles, pump parts, etc. being hand washed every 2 hours for the first several weeks of her life, it ruined me to washing bottles.  I've since switched to these bottles and have loved them.  I only get 1 bottle, just get several extra nipples, and then only wash 1 time a day in the dishwasher.  So much more convenient.  These are only $6.39 delivered to your door, at the store you will spend $8+ and my Wal-Mart has switched to only doing 80 count in each box.  Tricky packaging.

PlaytexBottle Liners Drop-Ins, 4 Ounce, 100-Count
Playtex Drop-Ins Pre-Sterilized Soft Bottle Liners, 8-10 oz. 100 ea

Optional: After my third baby I learned the value of paper plates.  Not a necessity, but they are sure lovely to have around and make your dishes a little easier.  I usually make a bunch of freezer meals so everything to make dinner is disposable.  Dixie HD Paper Plates, 10 Inches, 240 Count if you get these at Costco they are $10.79 + tax for 170 ct making them .06/plate.  Delivered to your door is only $14.33 for 240 making them .05/plate.

Best wishes to you and your sweet newborn baby.  I hope that by getting these things delivered you are able to snuggle that sweet baby of yours a little more.  Because we all know that those sweet babies do not stay tiny forever.  Sigh.

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