Delivery Day - my favorite day

Here are the goodies that I got delivered, you know, just to save my sanity.  Remember, you only have to have 5 items come in a month.  You're not committed to getting these that often.  Once a year?  No problem.  Put it on the 6 month subscription and cancel your next delivery date if you're good.

1: BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder, Chocolate Milkshake, 5 Pound
They don't have the exact same brand on subscribe & save but this one has fabulous reviews and is only $37.27 for a 5 pound tub.  Our option at Costco is $50 for a 4.5lb tub.  That's a savings of over $2.50 per pound.  I have this on the 6 month time frame but if I still have gobs of it, no worries, I will push it out another 6 months.

2: Kellogg's Froot Loops Cereal, 21.7 Ounce (Pack of 8) My local Wal-            Mart sells these giant boxes for $3.88+tax.  Getting them delivered is only $3.10/box.  Don't worry, you can get these delivered one time a year if you wanted.  Or just one time, there really is flexibility with this program.

3: Pull-Ups Learning Design Training Pants, Size 3T - 4T, Girl, 50 Count (Pack of 2)

Ready for some math?  I know if I were reading this for the first time I would want to see the numbers too.
Costco: Reg Price (86 count): $29.99+tax makes them .37/pull-up
Costco with the $6 coupon (86 count): $23.99+tax makes them .30/pull-up
Amazon Subscribe & Save (100 count): $27.33 making them .27/pull-up
Not bad when you can save 10 cents per pull-up by moving your finger and following a few easy links, right?
My babies need a little bit better than the regular ones so I actually ordered the nighttime version for .34/pull-up.  No idea why boys are more expensive than girls! Pull-Ups Night-time Training Pants, Size 3T-4T, Boy, 46 Count (Pack of 2)

4: Ziploc Storage Bag, Gallon Value Pack, 40-Count(Pack of 3) These are actually cheaper at Costco by about a penny per bag but I just needed some quickly!

5: Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free Baby Wipes Refill, 600 Count
A pack of these will be $9.58 for 600.  If you wait for the coupons at Costco the pack of 1120 wipes is still going to run you $20+tax.  I use wipes for everything, not just babies so these come pretty often around here!

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