Getting Started: Subscribe & What?!

Amazon blesses lives.  That's a major motto in my life and something I say regularly.  You can always count on them,  they are super easy to work with, most things are cheaper, you name it.  It's why I have started shifting so many things to them in the first place.  They have a program called Subscribe and Save, it's designed to give you a discount when you sign up to have something delivered "regularly" to your home.  Things that you can get so much cheaper, and that I was previously buying at Costco, or price matching at Wal-Mart. And delivered to my door?  Sign me up.  The only tricky part is that this is one of the very few things that they do that isn't completely user friendly and can be a little tricky to navigate.  Don't worry, I will try and break it down for you. I promise, once you try it, you won't go back.

 1: Sign up for Amazon Prime/Amazon Mom.  If you already have an Amazon Prime account, go to step 2.  If you don't already have a Prime account currently, sign up for a free 30 day trial here: Join Amazon Prime - Watch Over 40,000 Movies 

2: Sign up to be an Amazon Mom (3 month free trial if you've never had a prime account before) - I know this is an annoying/redundant step but it will save you an extra 5% so it's worth the 2 minutes it takes.  The reason for it is that this makes it so that you get 20% off household items (and diapers) as long as you have 5 items delivered in any given month.  If you just do Amazon Prime you will still get 15% but you may as well get the extra 5% discount!  Don't stress it if you're not a mom or you don't have a baby.  ;)

 2 - Start by subscribing to 5 things for one month that are part of their Subscribe & Save program - I will regularly post links to things that are worth getting on Subscribe & Save, not everything in their program is a good deal.  I've compared exact quantities with Costco or the local store sales so you can rest easy.
Instead of just adding them to your cart, just select the "Subscribe & Save" button that is in the top right hand corner, choose your frequency, and hit Subscribe Now.  Don't be alarmed if it only says that you're getting a 5% discount - that will switch as soon as you've scheduled 5 things to be delivered in 1 month.

See how the price on the left is the regular price, but on the right hand side it shows you the discounted Subscribe & Save price?  
3 - Don't stress about the 5 things - I will provide links for you!  I have plenty of items that are great prices that you can choose from, and I will post links to things that you can get for a great deal.  Not all Subscribe & Save items fall into this category either! This doesn't mean you have to have 5 things of toilet paper delivered - just 5 separate items in any given month.  TP, deodorant, paper towels, baby wipes, and some cereal = you're set for that month.  Don't want any deliveries for 3 months?  No problem.  You'll get the discount on that 3rd month as long as you have 5 things.  You want a rotation and want to get a different set of things the next month?  No problem.  Just have 5 things that are part of the Subscribe & Save program coming to your house on any month that you want the 20% discount.
To view what items you have on your Subscribe & Save list, go to Your Account > Your Subscribe & Save Items

4 - Sit back and wait for your package to come in and feel relieved that all you have to do is put the boxes in the recycle bin.

5 - Reorder whenever/whatever you need.  You will have 1 shipment a month for your subscribe and save items and you should plan on making any adjustments at least 10 days prior to that date.  For example, my delivery day is the 2nd.  That means that any changes that I want to make to my order have to be done by the 23rd.  Otherwise, it will come on the next month's shipment.  You can change your shipment date to be a different date, but just plan on making any changes about 10 days before your delivery comes.  You can cancel anything at any time too without any penalties.
It's easy to make any adjustments to each item, depending on what you need by going to Your Account > Your Subscribe & Save Items > Change Schedule on the particular item you need.

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