Amazon Prime Membership - is it worth it?

Amazon Prime membership - I know, it feels like a lot at $79/year. ($39 if you have a student email) But, I spend $55 or $100 at Costco each year and don't think twice.  Or maybe you have Netflix at just under $100/year if you are on the $8/month plan.  You can probably cancel that and get Prime instead.  Here are some of the main reasons that I think Amazon Prime is worth it.

1 - Free 2 day shipping on anything.  My kids get invited to a birthday party?  No problem, I just pick up my phone and get a present on the way.  I break my can opener making dinner?  No problem, just order a new one while checking out reviews.  I have a much better selection than if I actually stopped and drove to Target.

2 - Discounts on my household items - I'm saving 20% on each product and if you follow the links on my blog you can see how much you can save by having them delivered to your door instead of hitting up your local Costco.  You just need to have 5 different items coming each month that you want the discount.

3 - You can download 1 book a month and stream Amazon Instant Video.  So I cancelled Netflix when I got Prime.  And I love that I can rent new releases for a few bucks instead of going to my local Redbox.  Because, let's be honest, I wasn't returning it the next day anyway!

4 - Still not convinced?  Well, you can SHARE your prime membership with up to 4 other people.  That means, you sign up, and under the same $79/year you can provide free 2-day shipping and discounts on household items to some of your close family members.  Unfortunately, they don't get the kindle/movies but it is still a great benefit for everyone.
To share: Go to Your Account > Settings > Manage Your Prime Membership > Invite a Household Member
Fill out this quick form and it will send them an invite.  You're welcome.

Still not convinced?  You can get a free trial for 3 months here, add a reminder in your smartphone to cancel it, just in case you hate having things delivered in 2 days over the holiday season.


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